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Asleep or not, we spend a large part of our lives in bed. If you are a poor sleeper or suffering from sleep problems, you may not be aware that your bed is affecting the quality of your sleep.
Many people find that they sleep better away from home. There may be a number of reasons for this - being away from the stresses of home and work, peace and quiet, less expectation of being able to sleep, or possible the bed is more comfortable!

So what bed is right for me?

The 'right' bed for a good night's sleep will depend on a number of factors. People sleep in different environments throughout the world, from straw bedding on the floor to a hammock strung between two trees. You need a bed that will give you the correct support and comfort, and provide you with a healty space to sleep.
It is recommended that a bed should be changed every 8 - 10 years. The average human being perspires approximately 250ml of sweat each night and the mattress is a haven for dust mites and conditions that may affect our health as well as our sleep. Wear and tear means that a bed may not be as supportive as it was when new - all reasons to take a regular look at the condition of your bed.

The size of our bed is Important

We are building smaller and smaller houses with a corresponding reduction in bedroom size. Meanwhile, the average body weight is increasing. The standard double bed size is 137cm, which gives each person just 65.35cm of space - that's less space than a baby has in a cot!
Suprisingly, two thirds of the beds sold in this country are still standard size, although king size beds are becoming increasingly popular.
Studies have shown that couples sleep better in a larger bed. There may be a number of reasons for this including the size of each person, sleeping habits, and physical limitations such as back or mobility problems. So, it makes sense to check out your bed size when it's time to change your bed.

Healthy Sleep

You are looking to create a healthy space that will help you sleep. If you or your sleeping partner suffers from back or joint pain, you should pay particular attention to the support of the mattress. It should be neither too hard nor too soft. It should give you support but be able to yield to the natural contours of your body.
If you and your partner are very different in weight and size, or have different preferences, consider beds that zip together. If you have any allergies, check out your bed and bedding. If you have experienced a good night's sleep in a different bed, try and remember what was different. Was it the size, mattress, bedding or just the fact that you were away from home?

Investing in Sleep

It is estimated that we spend at least a third of our lives in bed - that means we will have spent 16 years in bed by the time we are 50! It makes sense to choose carefully when investing in a new bed. There are a wide number of styles and prices available, so take a little time to consider your needs and your budget before buying. Buying a bed is an investment in your health and one that could be with you for up to ten years.

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